Bug reports, known bug tracking lists? SDK v1.1 problems.

Hi all,

As per subject line, I have got my first itteration of my engine code now working on a bank of 8800-GTX’s.

I found a few nasty bugs in the process and wondered what the proceedure is and where to submit them to?

The main one is with respect to the file operations. There is a bug in the C-runtime file handling (under WinXP) - so an attempt to fread() 16,320 bytes from a file into a 16,320 by buffer will always fail to read more than 0x2000 bytes - but it will not error, your data will not be loaded after the first 0x2000 bytes! :(

Allocating 16,384 bytes and reading that amount (regardless of the file being shorter) will load it all without error again.

Hopefully by putting it here, if someone else hits across it in the future - it’ll save them some hair… :)


I think here is the most appropriate place when you do not have developer access.

The forum is an appropriate place.
The best thing to do is to attach a small test case to reproduce the bug.

since when does CUDA have file operations?

I don’t know. All I know is that when I use the same install and startup code without the CUDA SDK it works fine; yet when I compile it via CUDA SDK v1.1, it generates code with the same problem.

I honestly haven’t got the time to waste on finding the exact reason, I mention it here in case someone else Googles with a similar issue and it might help to save them some sanity.

I’d love to track it down and find the exact reason as to why, but my time is limited enough as it is.