[BUG]: RotatingLidarPhysX class in omni.isaac.sensor does not accept user-input params

Bug details

File: exts\omni.isaac.sensor\omni\isaac\sensor\scripts\rotating_lidar_physX.py
Class: RotatingLidarPhysX
Method: __init__

Basically, RotatingLidarPhysX does NOT accept any user-defined params, such as rotation frequency, fov, resolution, valid_range when deployed through a Python standalone script because the code mentioned above never invokes the relevant methods to set those values, a consequence of buggy if-statements.

How I tested it to verify that it doesn’t work

I ran standalone_examples/api/omni.isaac.sensor/rotating_lidar_physX.py in debug mode, but added the following additions to the RotatingLidarPhysX class instantiation:


However, when I ran the script, my parameters were not reflected in the Raw USD Properties in the Lidar Prim:

Suggested Solution

Lines: 59, 61, 63, 65 have incorrect if-statements (it should be if <> is not None).

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