Bug with "pgdebug.exe" using cuFFT

I’m new on this forum and I hope I’ll explain correctly.

I’m working with PGI Visual Fortran. Recently I made a project using the library cuFFT. There’s no error while compiling but when I run my project (“start debugging”) I have the message : “pgdebug.exe” has stopped working".

I’ve kept the default parameters for compiling except that I’ve enabled cuda, and added link to the library “cuFFT.lib” from “…\PGI\win64\17.9\bin”.

Here is my code :

program main

    real, device :: x_d(3,3,3)
    x_d = 2.
end program 

module cuFFT_m
    integer, parameter, public :: CUFFT_C2C = Z'29'

    interface cufftPlan3d
        subroutine cufftPlan3d(plan, nx, ny, nz, type) bind(C,name='cufftPlan3d')
            use iso_c_binding
            integer(c_int) :: plan
            integer (c_int), value :: nx, ny, nz, type
        end subroutine cufftPlan3d
    end interface

    interface cufftDestroy
        subroutine cufftDestroy(plan) bind(C,name='cufftDestroy')
        use iso_c_binding
        integer(c_int), value :: plan
        end subroutine cufftDestroy
    end interface

    subroutine FFT3d_GPU(Nx,Ny,Nz)
        implicit none
        integer :: Nx,Ny,NZ
        integer :: plan

        call cufftPlan3d(plan, nz, ny, nx, CUFFT_C2C)

    end subroutine
end module

If I delete the call to cuFFTPlan3d or the copy in the device, the problem disappear.

Thank you for your help !