Bug with saving volumetric textures

In curent versions volumetric flag not set in dwCaps2
According to microsoft documentation
the DDSCAPS2_VOLUME flag bit must set in dwCaps2

Thank you @oilking ! I can confirm this bug; it looks like the DDS reader only set DDSD_DEPTH and not DDSCAPS2_VOLUME. This will be fixed in the next version of the Texture Tools Exporter.

Thanks again!


Hi @oilking! We’ve now released NVIDIA Texture Tools Exporter version 2023.3.0, whose DDS reader now sets DDSCAPS2_VOLUME for volume textures.

Additionally, if “Image Type” is set to either of the two “Normal Map” modes, the DDS reader will now write DDPF_NORMAL (0x80000000U) in DDS_PIXELFORMAT::dwFlags.

Thanks again for reporting this bug, and hope this helps!