Bugs in current OpenCL implementation

Hi there I found the follwing bugs int he current implementation:

System: Ubuntu 9.04 Geforce 9400M

• copy of structs with sub structures results in jit error
do a copy of the follwing struct results in a jit error
struct test {
int2 value;
int2 value2;
char mode;

// do a copy of this somewhere
test a, b;
a = b; // ptx error

• boolean logic error

int validB = 12 * x;
validB = (validB>0);
… last line results in a jit error

• the opencl 1.0 final says: local memory can be declared inside a kernel function
if you do this … the compiler doesn’t come up with an error but there is an error
in accessing this space… resulting in bad behavior.