Bugs in parallel environments in orbit -- half of the robots lose control

I am creating a parallel environment for RL.
The problem is half of the robots act normally, while half of them lose control. Is there anything I can do about that?
(upload://tF485w0at7ofRclxYCJtSIe6LWL.py) (8.4 KB)

I attached the USD
hsrb4s.usd (5.4 KB)
and the script used
hsr.py (8.4 KB)
lift_cfg.py (7.8 KB)
lift_env.py (24.0 KB)
(upload://tF485w0at7ofRclxYCJtSIe6LWL.py) (8.4 KB)
The scripts are actually the scripts from lift_env.py and lift_cfg.py from Orbit. I only changed the robot.

Thank you!

Which Isaac Sim version are you using?

Its okey, I have solved the problem, thank you.

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