Build DriveWork v0.6 sample by DriveWork v1.2 SDK

Hi SivaRamaKrishna,
I juat wanna consult with you on SDK’s experience and hope to get your advice.

Is it possible to build DriveWork v0.6 sample correctly by DriveWork v1.2 SDK? Our program is based on DriveWork v0.6 sample architecture and suffered porting effort of upgrade platfom from Drivework v0.6 to v1.2.

Any comment is helpful! Thanks!


Dear garywang,
An extended DW sample from DW 0.6 may not directly run on the DW 1.2 as there could be dependency of few utility functions from other files which might have changed in DW sample revamping. But most of the APIs signature is same with some improvement in implementation. You can refer to release notes to know new additions in DW 1.2. Please let us know if you have any problem in porting/finding functions in DW 1.2