Build jetson on circleCI

Hi all.
I’m trying to create a system that every time I push something to my git, it’s compiled on CircleCI.
I’m trying to compile a ROS based system (building a robot), and I’m using a docker(with docker hub) to do so.
Unfortunately, I can’t find a docker that can mimic or compile an arm64 based system in order to compile it on CircleCi and copy it to my robot.
Does anybody know or familiar with other docker site or anything that can help?

Sorry that I don’t have answer for this issue, may other developers share experiences.

Thanks anyway! I’ll keep track to see if anyone else has an answer.

CircleCI is indeed one ideal platform and of the best ci cd tools. I’ve been leveraging it as it Cloud Infrastructure is a great platform for integrating Continuous Integration and Delivery. The tools can be used on third-party private platforms with equally good results.