Build of beta driver 470.62.26 fails, standard include files not found (Fedora 35)

I am using Fedora 35 with a GeForce RTX 3070.
This issue seems very similar to nvidia installer can't find stdarg.h · Issue #6 · NVIDIA/nvidia-installer · GitHub, so I am going to try answering the questions from there.

It is rather unlikely that my compiler install is corrupted, compiling any other software (including the current stable driver, version 510.54) works.
/usr/bin/cc points to /usr/bin/gcc (v. 11.2.1).

This issue persists across multiple different kernel versions, and regardless of whether or not I build with DKMS (attached logfiles are from a non-DKMS build).

A logfile from a normal build looks like this:
nvinstall-normal.log (286.0 KB)

If I create a symlink to stdarg.h and stddef.h in the kernel’s include directory, the include errors go away. Instead, I get symbol redefinition warnings (those go away when I replace the symlinks with empty files) and other errors inside some macro expansions (see the end of the logfile for the symlink build).
A logfile from a build using symlinks in the kernel’s include directory looks like this:
nvinstall-symlinks.log (1.6 MB)

Hi pixelcluster,

Can you please try the newest 470 series release, 470.103.01? It looks like it contains a fix for this issue.

Thank you, this indeed fixed my issue. I was unaware there was a newer beta driver as neither Vulkan Driver Support | NVIDIA Developer nor other driver download pages referenced a newer version, thanks for clarifying that. Am I correct in assuming that the newest drivers are located in the Announcements section of the forum instead?

470.103.01 isn’t beta. The Vulkan Driver beta page only lists drivers that were specifically released to support developers using newer Vulkan versions or extensions that aren’t quite ready for the main driver releases. Eventually, those features get folded into the driver’s main codeline and released as part of the stable driver series.

You can find links to the latest drivers at Unix Drivers | NVIDIA and you can always find all of the driver releases at Linux AMD64 Display Driver Archive | NVIDIA

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