build tensorflow lite from source on tx2

I’m trying to build tensorflow lite from source for my tx2 board. I following the instructions on tensorflow-lite page(, but the error occured.

error: cannot convert ‘const int8x8_t {aka const __vector(8) signed char}’ to ‘uint32x2_t {aka __vector(2) unsigned int}’ for argument ‘2’ to ‘void vst1_lane_u32(uint32_t*, uint32x2_t, int)’

After solving the problem as suggested by this answer(, new problem occured.

"add    x29, %[output_block_data], x10\n"

x29 cannot be used in asm here

It seems to be invalid register usage in asm.
Does anyone succeeded in building tensorflow-lite from source?


This issue is from TensorFlow implementation.
It’s recommended to track the progress with the TensorFlower directly: