Build TensorRT Open Source on Windows


Have someone sucessfully builded TensorRT OSS(TensorRT OpenSource)?
I research it and find that it seems like non-official support build on Windows.
I try to figure out it but I am not a expert at C++. I cannot realize what happen based on compile errors.
In addition, I can only find very few information about it, and mostly no solution.

Have anyone tried this?

Hi @p890040,

TensorRT OSS is not officially supported on windows.

Thank you.

I also need support for it on Windows.

What I do not understand:
It is documented how to build on Windows since >6 month on GitHub - NVIDIA/TensorRT: TensorRT is a C++ library for high performance inference on NVIDIA GPUs and deep learning accelerators. neither in “known issues” nor in the documentation it states that it is not working/supported.

It does not build a good reputation for Nvidia to describe stuff that is actually not there.
Could you go into more detail what’s the issue on Windows and what is missing? Maybe someone can contribute the missing pieces.