building 465.tonto from CPU2006


I am using PGI 7.2-5 for Win32 and running MS WIn 2003 Server x64 edition.

I cannot build 465.tonto application from SPEC CPU2006 suite.

Below are the options from my config file:

COPTIMIZE = -fastsse -Mipa=fast,inline -Mfprelaxed=rsqrt -tp core2
CXXOPTIMIZE = -fastsse -Mipa=fast,inline -Mfprelaxed=rsqrt -tp core2
FOPTIMIZE = -fastsse -Mfprelaxed=rsqrt -Mipa=fast,inline -tp core2

The problem occures on linking step:

pgf95 -w -fastsse -Mfprelaxed=rsqrt -Mipa=fast,inline -tp core2 -DSPEC_CPU_IA32 -Wl,-stack:72000000 *.obj -o tonto

Command errors:
ipa: file D:\PGI/win32/7.2-5/lib\libc.ipl\xstat64.ipo, line 10: Module mol_module used in mol_main.fppized.obj was not found

Do I use too agressive optimization flags?
Could somebody provide base options for tonto on Windows IA32 platform?


one more diagnostic message:

IPA: Recompiling mol.fppized.obj: new IPA information
PGF90-F-0007-Subprogram too large to compile at this optimization level (mol.fppized.f90: 17961)
PGF90/x86 Windows 7.2-5: compilation aborted
child process exit with signal 2: D:\PGI/win32/7.2-5/bin/pgf95.EXE
specmake: *** [tonto] Error 2

Hi Sanik,

Unfortunately, you can’t currently use IPA with Tonto on Win32 (win64 is fine). The problem is that “Mol.f90” is a huge file that causes the compiler, when using IPA, to allocate more than 2GB of memory. I do have a technical problem report in with our engineers about the problem and hope they can add some throttling. It will reduce the amount of optimization performed, but allow the file to compile successfully.

  • Mat

Hi, is there any progress on the problem in newer releases?

Hi Sanik,

This should be fixed in the next major release, 8.1.

  • Mat