Building a landscape with Banderlordll assets

I am trying to build a simple desert landscape with Banderlordll assets. Later I put up houses and stuff but I want to start with the correct way.

So I found these beutifull Cliffs from Props folder :)

But laying them on some common ground is naturally needed. I tried this MnBLandscape1 from the same Props set.

But as you can see they do not fit so good together… I think I do better with just laying the Cliffs´s on some pretty flat and homogenic “sand” type of surface and then drop down the houses and other props.

How is this meant to be? Any ideas?

Sorry screen captures are from Create but the idea & my question is the same. I find Create to be a faster to use.

Omniverse is just so superb! I solved this problem by downloading huge landscape models from Unreal Marketplace, for free!
They blend in perfectly with all assets from Banderlordll, Cliffs and houses :)

But what is the best way yo crate sky and sun?


I’m happy to hear you are liking Omniverse!!
To create a sky you can go under the create menu and create a dome light. Create\light\Dome Light

Then apply an HDRI into the Dome Light property here

We also have some stage templets that already have dome light examples located here.
Feel free to try them out and see how the stage was constructed.

Hope this helps answer your question :)


Yes thank you!
How can I move one sky with moving clouds from example scene?
I tried importing the asset, and then also assigning the material to it but the clouds were not moving.

The asset I imported was

and material was:

I made a dome light with hdri image as sky and used one normal directional light as sun.

Works ok:

Uh :P

I managed to bring in the “moving clouds sky” from this great UE scene:

But as I managed to combine all these things:

…then what is the prize of combining these USD´s together?
I loose the timeline again.

I have already made a topic of this issue here:

Dear Nvidia people - do you want me to put up a simple and easy to follow documentation & files so you can reproduce this problem?

I shall try to fix this with “Collect Assets” function, but I doubt it helps here… I see all the materials so all the assets are linked correctly, I think.

Yeah an example of where this is failing would be very helpful. If you are running into this issue, no doubt others are as well.

Really cannot thank you enough for the help. This community is magnificent.

@pekka.varis I replied in your other thread with a potential solution. Let us know if that works here as well (or not).

Jonhnny, your solution worked!

Only minor thing is that when I raised the seq frames from 0 to 400 - the moving clouds stopped moving. But that must be an issue with the City of Brass: Environments in Environments - it is not designed to be used with movie seq like this but in playable games.

Anyway the sky is much better looking that normal hdri image, and I see some 3d layers of clouds when my camera rolls closer… beautiful!

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Great to hear that the fix worked! We’re discussing ways to make this more intuitive for users in the future.

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