Building a Real-time Redaction App Using NVIDIA DeepStream, Part 2: Deployment

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This post is the second in a series (Part 1) that addresses the challenges of training an accurate deep learning model using a large public dataset and deploying the model on the edge for real-time inference using NVIDIA DeepStream. In the previous post, you learned how to train a RetinaNet network with a ResNet34 backbone…

i got a problem when i executed the “make” command on the nano, the error is " no cub/device/device_radix_sort.cub", how to fix it.

how can i show landmarks points of face , i have written my custom parser for facedetection with landmarks. If i try to add any parameter to NvDsInferObjectDetectionInfo(nvdsinfer.h) i am getting segmentation fault.

For questions about extending the app, I recommend posting in the DeepStream SDK forum. Good luck!