Building ADS1015 Kernel Module

I see how to compile the whole kernel with the modules by changing the configuration and recompiling, but that seems a little excessive when my goal is to just get the ADS1015 module compiled.

By downloading the source and following the docs in modules.txt I can compile hwmon.ko from the kernel-4.4/drivers/hwmon folder, but my goal is to build the ads1015 module. In the makefile I see several lines, e.g.,

obj-$(CONFIG_HWMON)		+= hwmon.o
obj-$(CONFIG_SENSORS_ADS1015)	+= ads1015.o

I am wondering how to control these options directly to compile the module I want. These appear to be the same options the kernel was compiled with (zcat /proc/config.gz).

If you want to build a loadable module .ko file you just need change the obj-$(CONFIG_SENSORS_ADS1015) to obj-m