Building an NVIDIA Pure SONiC Image

Originally published at: Building an NVIDIA Pure SONiC Image | NVIDIA Developer Blog

Pure SONiC is the version of SONiC that eliminates vendor dependence. Being community developed, publicly available, and 100% open source enables you to build a Pure SONiC image that is in sync with the desired community branch. It means that every line of code of SONiC and NVIDIA implementation of SAI (switch abstraction interface) is…

When can support Debian 10?

201911 is unstable for python 3.

Sonic is try to use py3 totally.

Hello Lanhsin, thanks for your query.

Debian 10 is supported on the 2020-12 branch.

you could build your own tested image based on 5bdbfcfb2647cf1db59401e82807c748838ffee4 from GitHub - Azure/sonic-buildimage at 202012

Please reach out to me for any queries.

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Thanks for your quickly response.

It’s nice to hear the news.

Maybe I need to find the time to talk to my colleague when to switch to 202012.

Thanks again.