Building an SD card image from Scratch for Jetson Nano

Hello All,

I need to build a Jetson Nano image from scratch. Is there an official “yocto/buildroot” support?
We are also need to add support for the SPI slave mode.

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Hi sk114,

Are you using the devkit or custom board?

Yocto project is not officially supported and verified by NVIDIA.
As I know, you could refer to the yocto setup from RidgeRun.

Thanks for your reply!
I am using the devkit not a custom board.
I have already tried the link mentioned by you but the SD card prepared from the steps mentioned in that link is not booting up.
Is there any other method to build a image from scratch?
I am basically am trying to configure the jetson nano as SPI slave mode, looks like I need to update the device tree so wanted to build an image from scratch.


We don’t maintain the yocto project on Jetson.
Do you have any purpose to use yocto instead of L4T release by NVIDIA?

We need create a thinner image and needed more control over the image so we were looking for a flexible solution, if you can suggest more suitable option than yocto it would be great too,

You may also use L4T release and remove the components which you don’t need to use to optimize the image size and performance. There’s also an application called SDK manager available for flashing the image to the devkit and many SDK compoents could be use.
The most of L4T information and usage could be found in the developer guide.
Sorry that we could not support Yocto on Jetson here.

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