Building boost


I’m trying to compile boost 1.53.0 with the PGI 11.3 compiler on RHEL5. Happily, boost appears to largely work with PGI now, but I am having problems with the “math” and “locale” libraries:

I get the feeling that the boost people aren’t geared-up to diagnose problems with boost and PGI. Has anyone else managed to get boost built with PGI recently?



We have not built the full boost libraries libraries recently.

That said, your compiler is two years out of date, and you will have better results if
you get the latest release 13.3 compilers. We have a new gnu compatible compiler,
“pgc++” , or “pgcpp --gnu” that uses the gnu STL. As a result, the abs(double long) issue
will disappear, and it may well fix the locale issue.

Thanks for the reply :)