Building CUDA DLL to be called from VB6


I am trying to to build a DLL that uses CUDA to be called from VB6.
I am using Visual Studio 2005
There is no error building the DLL.
When I call the DLL from VB6 I get an error that the DLL can not be found.
If I remove *.cu files from the project, the DLL can be loaded.

I’ve tried placing all cu files in a static library and then creating a DLL that calls the CUDA routines located in the library
VB6 then calls the DLL.

Same thing happens, if any routine in the library that calls CUDA is called from the DLL, the DLL can not be loaded into VB6.

Any suggestions would be appreciated


Even I am interested in using CUDA in VB6.

How far have you reached in the implementation of CUDA in VB6 ?

Can you share the DLL with a simple example program?

Thanks in advance.

Keep smiling,