Building image to flash onto an SD card

I am interested in modifying or replacing the sample root filesystem for an Jetson NX. I’d like to flash this modified filesystem onto an SD card and use it on first boot of the devkit rather than flash the devkit using the SDK Manager and force recovery mode. Is this possible, and if so, is there any documentation on how to do it?

My current idea is to run the SDKManager in headless mode and attempt to replace the Tegra_Linux_Sample-Root-Filesystem_R32.6.1_aarch64.tbz2 tarball, but I’m attempting to figure out what is idiomatic in the community.

Time to forget about sdkmanager and move to the real BSP package to run the development…

After sdkmanager flash your board, it will install a “Linux_for_Tegra” folder in your ~/nvidia.

There is a create image disk script inside and shall achieve what you want.

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