Building kernel error

when I exec the command “make zImage” the terminal shows error “include/linux/irqchip/tegra-agic.h:25:43: fatal error: linux/irqchip/tegra-t18x-agic.h:No such file or directory”,then I jump into the directory “linux/irqchip” I just cannot find file tegra-t18x-agic.h. Could you please tell me why?thanks.

Where did you get the kernel source? I downloaded Linux kernel source for L4T R24.2.1 from NVIDIA Embedded Download Center, and could confirm the file “include/linux/irqchip/tegra-agic.h” exists there.

Also realize that building a kernel will always fail if the config is not first set up. How was the kernel configured? On a running Jetson you can see what it’s current configuration is from the file “/proc/config.gz” (just make a copy of this and gunzip it, rename it as “.config”…use that for initial config…but be sure to set CONFIG_LOCALVERSION too, this is never included in “/proc/config.gz” and is needed for module loading).

FYI, the TX1 is a tegra21x, the t18x (from your error message) is different hardware and would not normally be touched if building for a TX1.