BUilding kernel for Texgra X2

I need to add CONFIG_IP_MULTICAST tot he kernel for the tegra x2. Are there steps for building the kernel?


The documentation you can download with the L4T release has that information. More information is here:

One tool I like is “make nconfig”. The reason this is nice is that you can search for symbols, e.g., you could search for “ip_multicast” and it would list menus related to this (otherwise it is very much like “make menuconfig”).

Hi linuxdev,

The same search functionality is available in menuconfig as well. You just have to press the ‘/’ key and a search window pops up. Similar to pressing F8 key in nconfig.

Hi kunice,

I would recommend to use Nvidia’s official documentation. Refer to “L4T Documentation” in Jetson Download Center | NVIDIA Developer.
There is a section named “Kernel Customization”.

This way, you do not have to worry about build issues when Nvidia updates a release.

I did not know that! Very useful.

A second feature I do like about nconfig is the ability to show all symbols, even ones you can’t select…it helps exploring symbols which might not be available across architectures.

Hmmm… That does sound like a nifty feature. I should explore nconfig more. Might come in handy sometime. Thank you linuxdev for pointing it out.