Building platform with public_sources.tbz2


I am working on the Xavier NX module and I am using Ubuntu for development and cross compiling.

I have obtained the kernel using git and have compiled and created a kernel release.

I have been reviewing the different methods to get source and build and have noticed that the sources are available in the file public_sources.tbz2 exists. I see that this tbz2 file contains atf kernel trusty u-boot. I will want to include include/modify trusty, u-boot/cboot. Are there git sources for trusty and u-boot and all the sources found in the tbz2 file. Is it better to use the public_sources.tbz2?

Can you advice me which method I should use to obtain sources. Can the scripts, such as etc. be used when cross compiling on Ubuntu?


Check below document for sync kernel source code from git, others need download from download center like you got public_sources.tbz2.

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