Building Python Apps - Carter Sim

Hi, I am attempting to write a python codelet to hook into some of the messages within the carter_sim app with varied success.

My app is attempting to clone carter_sim but with addition of a simple pycodelet messages hook.

To do this I have copied carter.graph/.config.json into hooks.graph/.config.json and changed the app names where appropriate, I have added a new node for my pycodelet in hooks.graph.json (nothing in config as my codelet requires no configuration).

I have followed this process for kaya_sim with great success but when I run my carter python app I get the error: “no node with name “map””

Can anyone help me diagnose this issue?

Hi there,

I had similar issues a while back and you can see my attempts to get python to work on this page

My suggestions would be:

  1. Check that you are linked to all the correct modules in your BUILD file (remember the line to have access to the map should be "//packages/" under "data" of your "py_binary")
  2. Check you are loading your map module in your Application() constructor
  3. Check that you are loading your config files before your graph files
  4. Ensure you have loaded the map graph and config for your specific map (e.g. "apps/assets/maps/carter_warehouse_p.graph.json")

Hope this helps in some way.