Building rclnodejs on the AGX Orin

i am trying to build the rclnodejs package on the AGX Orin. It is running the latest Jetpack 5.0.2 and I build ROS2 humble on it. Next, I am trying to compile this nodejs package:

You can clone it and if you have sourced your ros2 environment build it with npm install --loglevel silly.
It creates a makefile with a extremely long gcc call which results in the error:
g++: fatal error: cannot execute ‘/usr/lib/gcc/aarch64-linux-gnu/10/cc1plus’: execv: Argument list too long

This is where I am currently stuck. Is there a nice way of increasing the arg_max setting?
And by the way on the Xavier with a older jetpack version this was working…

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Hi @SooMSooM, can you try increasing the stack space ulimit to see if that helps?

Hi @dusty_nv,
i tried “ulimit -s unlimited” and “ulimit -s 65536”.
Got the same error message.

Sorry that I am unsure what the fix is - was your previous JetPack version JetPack 4.x, and now you are on JetPack 5.x? Perhaps it’s related to the change from Ubuntu 18.04 to Ubuntu 20.04 and that rclnodejs package needs updating for.

No worries, it´s a weird error for me as well.
Yes I used 4.6.x on the AGX Xavier before as 5.0.2 was not released jet.
As soon as 5.0.2 was available, I started using it on an AGX Orin.

Because the g++ doesn´t even start to compile, I do not think that it is related to the rclnodejs package.
Maybe the g++ call is to long, but that worked before as well and it compiles for other users on a workstation system. I guess there is a config to small which specifies how long the gcc call can be… something like max_arg, but that´s compiled into the kernel.

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