Building RNN Layer failed in Jetson NX


I have successfully built the TRT model on X86 but while building the TRT model on ARM64 (NX) failed. With following error.

GRU_75: inputs to IRecurrenceLayer mismatched
Builder failed while analyzing shapes.

X86 Config:
TensorRT version:

ARM64 config:
TensorRt version:
Installed through Jet Pack 4.5

I could not install newer version of TensorRT in ARM64. Could anyone help me here?


Do you use ONNX model format?
If yes, could you share the model with us so we can give it a quick check?


model.onnx (1.7 MB)

Yes I use ONNX model format with opset_version=11

I have uploaded the ONNX model file for your reference.

Any update?