Building Robotics Applications Using ROS and NVIDIA Isaac SDK

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The Robot Operating System (ROS) offers many software libraries and tools to help build robot applications, including framework, algorithms, sensors, and robot platforms. It is extremely popular with roboticists and researchers everywhere. A continuous influx of packages and libraries from the ecosystem makes it easy to get started on robotics projects. Figure 1. Using the…

Hi Guys.
I am having hard times locating the files for execution of the command

bazel run packages/ros_bridge/apps/ros_to_superpixels

at my 2020.1 NX installation there is no file with name ros_to_superpixels.
Maybe there is a newer version of the IsaaC SDK that includes it?
Otherwise how to get it installed? Is there a specific file that needs to be created in order to execute the proposed command above? Which exactly file with which content? could you supply the missed file, please?

Hello Andrey,

Sorry we forgot to mention: As you have suspected, ros_to_superpixels application will be part of the upcoming release (soon). In the mean time, ros_to_navigation app should be functional in earlier releases including 2020.1. Also, RosToImage codelet released by source shows how to convert ROS images to the Isaac format. Application using RosToImage will be shared with 2020.2.


Thank you for following up.
Maybe you could suggest quick patch for manual integration of the ros_to_superpixels application into 2020 nx release? like to copy code and paste it to files?

When is this release expected ?

2020.2 goes out in a week or so. stay tuned; you should receive an email soon.