Building the kernel with latest BSP version jp6.0 - Jetson AGX Orin Industrial


We are trying to upgrade to the latest BSP version jp6.0 for Jetson AGX Orin Industrial
But here we see that the file structure of source is different from the old versions.

In previous version we were using “make tegra_defconfig” to build the kernel.
But in the latest version jp6.0 we could not see that file.
All we have is.
defconfig, defconfig_debug.config, tegra_prod_defconfig, tegra_recovery_chain_defconfig

Can we know which file to be used to build the kernel instead of tegra_defconfig.

Not sure if you have checked:
Kernel — NVIDIA Jetson Linux Developer Guide 1 documentation

For Jetpack 6 we are aligning with upstream kernel so the architecture of code looks very different. Please check the latest content in developer guide.

We tried flashing the stock BSP jetpack 6.0 on AGX Orin 32GB module.
Flashing was successful but the device is not booting. Here is the host log and debug uart log.
debug_uart_log.txt (85.1 KB)
host_log.txt (94.5 KB)

• Host machine (Ubuntu 20.04)
• Hardware Platform (Jetson AGX Orin 32GB)
• JetPack Version 6.0

Could you please let us know what the issue could be here.

Is the issue specific to the custom carrier board? Or it occurs on developer kit?

We have tested developer kit on each release, so that issue may be specific to the custom board.


We have tested this only on custom carrier board.
Will try to flash it on Devkit as well.

We are facing this issue only with jp6.0DP version. When we try the next below version i.e, jp5.1.3 stock BSP we are not facing this issue.

I am flashing the JP6.0DP stock BSP with ubuntu 20.04 host machine.

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