Building the nvvidconv plugin for recent versions of Gstreamer

Hi, I’m trying to get the hardware decoder & encoder & image processor working in Gstreamer 1.8, some people got GPU rendering and VPU decoding & encoding working in Gstreamer 1.8 (see []) but I haven’t found anyone that has been able to build nvvidconv in Gstreamer 1.8. Has anyone been able to build nvvidconv for a recent Gstreamer?


Are you building gstreamer 1.8 on a JTK1, and trying to use pre-built binary with the self-compiled gstreamer 1.8? If so, what is the git clone source used, or URL for the particular 1.8 version you are using? Is the 1.8 compile failing, or does this succeed and simply does not work with it?

I managed to speak to a Gstreamer expert, he said you can build Gstreamer 1.8 normally and then copy NVIDIA’s prebuilt binary plugins (nvvidconv and the OMX decoder & encoder) into the Gstreamer lib folder, and then Gstreamer 1.2.4 plugins should still work in Gstreamer 1.8 :-) I’ll give it a try!

Hi ShervinE,

Latest L4T R24.2 public release @ supports gstreamer-1.8.2 default with ubuntu-16.04 rfs.

“nvvidconv” Gstreamer-1.0 plugin is licensed under nvidia “Proprietary” terms.

“nvvidconv” plugin sources are not publicly available/distributed with L4T public releases & hence you’ll not be able to build nvvidconv from sources.

Though all supported gst-omx & nvidia proprietary gst-plugins(including nvvidconv) should work out of the box with gst-1.8.2

Where can i find " NVIDIA’s prebuilt binary plugins “nvvidconv”"?

Rahul, look for the download page of the L4T version you’re using, and there should be a Multimedia package, that should have the NVIDIA gstreamer binaries