Building UBoot for Shield K1


I have a Shield K1 and I am working to get FreeBSD on it. Doing so would have a direct impact on decisions the company I work for is making and will make.
I recently found a version of UBoot for Linux4Tegra. I would like to know if I can use this for the Shield. I believe I can as I have L4T installed on the system. The source I saw is at

Is there any reason I cannot use the above version of UBoot?
How is this version of UBoot different than mainline UBoot?
Can I use the mainline version of UBoot?

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Unfortunately your support here for the Shield product will be limited, as this is the Jetson board.

Is there a particular reason why you do not want to use the Jetson Dev Kit? Note that you can develop your product on a Jetson Dev Kit and go to a different K1 board provider when you want to go into production.

Hi Ctichenor,

Thank you for the response. Although, it does not address my question.

My thought in asking about UBoot here was based on my understanding that Linux4Tegra is for the TK1. L4T runs on the Shield. Linux 4 Tegra uses U-Boot as I found when I saw the source tree. FreeBSD uses U-Boot on ARM. Since I know U-Boot is used and that it works, I was wondering if mainline U-Boot would work or if there was some modification made specifically for L4T that I would have to manage.
As a side note, I have not booted any of the Shields to android except by accident for two months or so.

The reason why not is that neither I nor the company I work for require the Jetson. I have a different set of requirements and the company makes it’s own hardware (well, designs and has someone else make it).
More importantly, this is about FreeBSD over Linux. Both my needs and the company’s needs are better suited by FreeBSD.

So … about U-Boot. Do you know if mainline U-Boot will work with Linux 4 Tegra (even on the TK1)? If it can and does, then my core issue with this would be solved. I am going to end up trying it but I don’t want to brick one of the Shields.


I don’t know if mainline U-Boot will work, but we also provide source code for our own U-Boot build on the Embedded Downloads page; either that or the git repository you link should be adaptable to your use case, at least on the TK1.

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