Built-in Optical Flow hardware acceleration in Jetson Xavier NX?

Hi! I was looking into the optical flow sdk lately and was wondering if the Jetson Xaviera NX have built-in optical flow acceleration (The SDK mentioned the TU117 wasn’t supported and was wondering which cut down version the NX is, since it has 48 tensor cores it should be at least a cut-down tu106?). if so that would be amazing as the hardware decoder works quite admirably even on my 1660super.

Edit: oh, from Anandtech it says the NX is still based on Volta, oh man, that’s a bummer.

I don’t know too much about Optical Flow but most of the hardware encoding and decoding features are supported by Volta / Xavier: https://developer.nvidia.com/nvidia-video-codec-sdk
And you want to compile OpenCV with CUDA support to speed things up .

Nothing beats hardware implementation haha. If only there is asic on the market specifically for optical flow.