Bumblebee multi monitoring, laptop plugged in to TV, want to watch movies on TV, just can't get the

Here’s my settings:
openSUSE 13.2
bumblebee nvidia (newest version)
GTX 870m (HDMI output seems to be wired to the GTX 870m, not the Intel card)

Here’s the thing. I have no idea of bumblebee and I can’t find any ressources explaining it in a way I’d understand it. Also tried tons of suggestions from forum posts and tutorials, nothing worked. The last thing that was suggested was to remove bumblebee completely and instead just install only the nvidia drivers. Haven’t tried that by now.

I have my laptop hooked up to a Panasonic 4k TV over HDMI. I just can’t get the TV to be recognized. Not by xrandr, not by arandr and not by the KDE display manager.

Primusrun runs without a problem. Tried it with glxspheres and several steam games, so the GTX870m seems to work.

In the beginning, the TV was recognized for a second, but disappeared shortly after.

Well, since I have no clue how this works, all the things that have been suggested to me, I tried them out, but I’m not sure what they did, plus they didn’t lead to any results.

Does anyone maybe have some help for me? This forum is my last hope of ever getting this to work.

Ok, after tons of googling, I stumbled upon nvidia-prime. Aparently, it’s only available for Ubuntu and Linux Mint. Is there a way to install this on openSUSE?

So, I deinstalled bumblebee and the nvidia drivers and installed the nvidia drivers from the official page instead of the openSUSE repositories. Now the TV works perfectly, every game works perfectly. The only thing is, the laptop screen doesn’t work anymore.