Bup update failed on R32.7.3

Hi, we update to L4T R32.7.3 from R32.4.2, and we generate bup, then update bup failed.
The error:

Warning. Cannot find COMPATIBLE_SPEC in /etc/nv_boot_control.conf
SPEC: 3448-300-0002–1-0-jetson-nano-devkit-emmc-smpsq-mmcblk0p1

Error. Invalid input blob file.
Input magic: NVIDIA__BLOB__V2
Expected magic: NVIDIA__BLOB__V2
Input version: 0x01020621
Expected version: 0x00020000
Input type: 0
Expected type: 0 (type 1 BMP blobs are not currently supported)
No changes have been made. Exiting…

We compare the different betwen R32.7.3 and R32.4.2, we modify BUP_generator.py to R32.4.2, and generate bup again, it can update success!

Help to check the difference whethc need in R32.7.3

This is duplicate of
Bup update faile on L4T R32.7.3

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