Button MCU FW Programming

I am trying to program the Button MCU F/W after programming the CYPD F/W, but I cannot attempt the Button MCU F/W program because 3V3_AO, the power supplied to the MCU, is not supplied.
I think that the cause of this is that the DC_IN_GATE_CCG4 signal output from the CYPD is output to the high level (Negated signal) so that VCC_SRC_FET Power is disabled and 3V3_AO power output is not possible. (CYPD is programmed normally OK)
Finally, I’m asking if I need to take action to assert the DC_IN_GATE_CCG4_CTRL output.
As an additional question, to program the Button MCU F/W, is it correct that 3V3_AO supplied to the MCU should normally be input?

Are you testing on devkit or custom board? 3V3_AO is necessary for button mcu.

It is a Custom Board.
I see For MCU programming, 3V3_AO is necessary.

Ultimately, 3V3_AO should be supplied, but after tracking through debugging, VCC_SRC_FET is not output, which is the result of not outputting 5V_AO.
This result is that the DC_IN_GATE_CCG4 signal is not output (Not Asserted) from CYPD.

Thank your

Hi, Trumany,

Are you doing F/W programming by providing 5V_AO from the UDA cable connector rather than from the carrier board?

Please check your custom design to make sure 3V3_AO is output correctly. You can refer to Design Guide and reference carrier board design to check your design.

Hi, Trumany

It becomes OK

The problem was VCC_SRC_FET Gate input was not enabled because the 3904 series TR base input current was not enough that TR did not turn on, but by adjusting the resistance and increasing the input a little, VCC_SRC_FET turned on then 5V_AO and 3V3_AO were normally output and Button MCU Programming completed normally.

Thanks for your help.

Tip for programming Button MCU

When CYPD fusing is completed, the fusing tool cable must be removed from the Carrier Board.
If not removed, VTARG (3V3_AO: 3.3V), the Cable power of CYPD, is not output from the Carrier board.

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