Button MCU source code stuck in "?C_STARTUP: LJMP STARTUP1"

Hello, I follow this page to get/ create our own power button behavior.


But encounter the the behavior is not the same after using the built hex.

Using Steeping debug and saw it stuck in this line:

Any idea?


Please follow README.txt in P3737_P2822_P3509_Power_Button_Firmware_v011.zip to setup and build the binary from the source code.

From your log, it stuck in the early command. Could you try to disable watchdog timer if you want to run it in debug mode? Refer to Silicon Labs Community.
How about run it in normal mode? Any error?

I do follow the README.txt (except the version of 8051 SDK)

But the built hex is not the same with the hex already in folder.

As you can see the size is not the same.

The hex in folder is working, but the built hex is not working.


Please follow README.txt to build hex file exactly. For the file size optimization, could you get some support from silabs community?

Key point of this bug: the license of keil can’t not be get from studio4.
After using studio5 and get the license, it works well.

(Without the license, build process can still finish, but result failed.
Maybe the file size is too large for no license.)

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