Buy USB camera for jetson xavier nx

Hi, everyone
I want to using usb camera for jetson xavier. But i don’t know which type suitable with SDK, solfware … of nvidia,cuda…
I saw some video on youtube they connect with raspberry camera but it so easy to break. beside I read something like V4L2 camera but i don’t know clearly (need your advice).

I also find usb camera 2.0 on amazon

Do you think it work good?
Can you explain something for me ? and also suggest type of camera can use in jetson xavier app.
Thank you

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to avoid any problems you need a camera supporting UVC (USB Video Class). Otherwise you will probably need 3rd party driver or software and you will experience some difficulties how to pass data to CUDA. It is hard to say if the camera you’ve linked to can do this but as it supports many devices I would say it supports some standards so UVC is probably supported.

can you give me a reference link a UVC ( usb video class ) on amazon or any website ?

See wiki, I am pretty sure the list is not complete, but at least it will be good for inspiration.

Also, take a look on NVidia partner list (and filter it by USB):

Hi @nguyenngocdat1995, for our tutorials like Hello AI World and Getting Started with AI DLI course, we test the Logitech C270 and C920 USB webcams. These aren’t for production like the Jetson Partner Supported Cameras are, but for using on your desk they work well.

The camera on that you originally linked to looks like it should work, but I haven’t personally tested that one.

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