Buying a CUDA card - questions

I know next to nothing about GPU processing/cuda so I’ve got some questions. I want a CUDA card so I can basically just render video more quickly out of Premiere Pro and After Effects, etc. It would be nice to have the FX and video previews be sped up and work more well/faster too. So that’s basically it, just cut down on final rendering/export time and to have a couple more things sped up when editing video. I won’t be using it for actual CAD or 3d modeling or anything. So here are my questions.

  1. I think the main difference between the GeForce & Quadro line is the Quadro is built more for the 3d modeling stuff, so should I just stick with a GeForce (GTX 580?) for what I need CUDA for?

  2. I’ve got a 2600k intel processor (overclocked). Will using an extra cuda card speed up THAT much over my main processor, and is it even worth it considering my fast cpu?

  3. From the looks of it the GTX 580 is the best out of the GeForce line, so should that one be the card that I buy for my purposes?

  4. I’ve never run dual video cards before. I plan to use my 8600GT for the display/monitors and the new card for cuda/GPU video rendering strictly. Is it possible to run it in that configuration?

  5. Hypothetically, if I were to buy two copies of the same card, can both of those be linked to have double the CUDA power for video rendering?



GTX 580 will be faster and less expensive for CUDA.

Yes, the GPU is much faster. For example, my code on one GPU is generally faster than 64 nehalem CPU cores operating in parallel on a cluster with Infiniband interconnects.

If you want the fastest CUDA capable card, get the GTX 580. Performance scales down gracefully with CUDA, so you can get better performance/price with lower models.


Yes. But only if the application you are running supports multi-gpu configurations. To answer that, you will need to examine the features and/or manual of the software you plan to run.