BVH building algorithm and primitive order

No, that is completely internal because it can change any time and differs between GPU architectures and even scene contents (e.g. motion blur, triangle primitives, curve primitives).

The BVH traversal is “view” dependent. That means you could have different performance depending on how your rays traverse through the BVH.

Then you can of course build scenes in a way which is simply inefficient, for example when AABBs over primitives contain each other.
For example, let’s say you have an architectural scene with walls, windows, doors and roof materials on the different houses. Then building acceleration structures partitioned by these four different materials would generate huge AABBs over a whole town which also overlap badly. That BVH will be inefficient.
Means it’s sometimes better to partition your primitives spatially to get mostly disjunct GAS AABBs (eg. “per house” in this example) than sorting a huge scene by material.