BYO Transforms to AIAA


I try uploading my model to the AIAA server. My file structure is

  • config.json
  • (containing checkpoint files)
  • /workspace/tranforms, containing empty + two

In the config.json I put the path “transformationfiles.Mytransformfunction” for pre- and post-transforms but I always get the error “No module named transformationfiles”, meaning the file is not recognized. It doesn’t work neither, if workspace.tranforms or only tranforms are included in the path.

Do you have a hint?

Also, I noticed that AIAA server API / API (v1)/v1/segmentation /Request body/image indicates “The NIFTI image”. How about other data types?

The BYO transformation issue was solved.

Other data type would also work if you provide your own loader.
Like your own load transform.