Bypasing the IMU Proto for Stereo Visual Odometry

I use a IMU with an accelerometer, a gyroscope and a compass so acceleration, speed and position.
I gathers those and use a carefully calibrated madgwick AHRS algorithm to get precise positioning as a quaternion.
Is there a way to directly send the quaternion to the svo app so I can get better results than with a simple bias zeroing ?

Thank you,

Hello Planktos,

In the current release, there is no way to provide external orientation to the Stereo Visual Odometry (SVO). We plan to add this feature in the foreseeable future.

To increase SVO accuracy and performance, you could provide raw IMU data, that uses for motion prediction, checking results, and as a failover. However, all these solutions help to decrease odometry drift, but can’t exclude it.

Consider making an external system (other codelet) that would mix (fuse) SVO output with other sensors. For example, you can detect the horizontal drift, using quaternion calculated from IMU and reset SVO (or update World<->SVO mapping).


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