c++11 support

Hi, is there a plan to support the standard c++11 in nvcc? My template code is not accepted by nvcc. I have found several others on the internet but not in this forum.


C++11 contains various new features, it is not clear which of these you are trying to use. I would suggest filing a feature request for the compiler via the bug reporting form that is linked on the registered developer website. Include a self-contained example of the code you would like to compile but that currently cannot compile. Thanks.

Hi, thanks. I want to go through my code now and check all problems. I will post it than as you propose.

To avoid misunderstandings: The only way to get issues into the system so they can be tracked and prioritized is by filing a bug report. Enhancements / new feature requests (known as “RFE” around here) should also be filed this way. A link to the bug reporting form can be found on the registered developer website. If you are not a registered developer yet, it is easy to sign up. Registration requests are usually approved within one business day.

I find it somewhat strange to have to file a feature request for C++ 11 features … For me, C++ 11 is simply the future of C++, and most compilers (MSVC, Intel compiler, GCC, …) support a large subset of the C++ 11 functionality already. So i hope that NVCC compiler will automatically add more and more features of C++ 11 with every new version of cuda toolkit.

I think the reason for the feature request is to help NVIDIA to prioritize implementation of new C++11 features. There are a lot of new things in C++11, and it would be best to focus first on the parts that developers are using most.

That’s what I meant to express in my previous post. Sorry if that wasn’t clear.