C++ error

when compiling a c++ program I get the following errors:

for example:
“newimage.cc”, line 635: error: more than one instance of overloaded function

“floor” matches the argument list:

function “floor(float)”

function “std::floor(float)”

argument types are: (const float)

ix0 = (int) floor(x);


detected during instantiation of "float

NEWIMAGE::volume::kernelinterpolation(float, float,

float) const [with T=char]"

It always deals with overloading. With gcc all this works fine. Any idea how to circumvent this problem? Any specific compiler switch necessary?




You can try the --no_using_std flag. If that does not solve the problem, then add the flags
-P -C to your compile line, and take a look at newimage.i . Look for all definitions of
floor (float){} to find the conflict.