C++ hash_map?

Is there a hash_map library/include for pgCC? I tried including the header files (which also have implementation) from the SGI STL site (Submit Form), but I kept getting the same error over and over:

$ pgCC -I/home/skilpat/download/stl -A -c mycode.cc
"/home/skilpat/download/stl/type_traits.h", line 214: error: "__true_type" is
     typedef __true_type    has_trivial_destructor;

It stops after 100 of that same error on different lines.

Hi skilpat,

The hash map header file is located at “include/CC/hash_map”. While using the SGI STL should be possible, it is difficult. First, you’d need to recompiled the SGI STL libraries using pgCC. Then you’d need to link using the “-Mnostdlib” to have pgCC not include the PGI STL and add the SGI STL to the link line.

  • Mat