C --Please contact your system administrator to configure Omniverse Launcher


I am trying to use install Omniverse through the Omniverse Launcher on my Azure VM. However, I get the error “Please contact your system administrator to configure Omniverse Launcher.” whenever I try to execute the launcher.

Please help me solve this issue.

Sayan Das

Hi @sayan.das - Can you tell us more about the workstation you are trying to use to configure Omniverse Launcher? If you are using your University/company provided laptop to configure it then you might have to reach out the respective IT team to resolve the issue.


As mentioned in my post, I am working on an Azure Virtual Machine.

Recently, the apps we were looking for were also added to the Omniverse Standard Edition. We are now able to use the standard Omniverse Launcher without any issues and have moved ahead with it. However, the problem mentioned in the post remains unresolved when trying to use the Enterprise Edition Launcher. The problem was encountered both on Linux and Windows.

Hi @sayan.das - Thank you for providing more information. Enterprise edition is for paid customers. Please let me know if you are a paid customer then I can escalate it. But if you are not then yes, you will be able to access Standard Omniverse Launcher.


I had accessed the Enterprise Edition Launcher through proper sources and I am in the one-month trial period for the software at the moment.

I moved this over to our Launcher forum. @WendyGram have you seen this before?