C# Programmer Needs Guidance on how something happens

I developed a C# library (Nuget package DataJuggler.PixelDatabase) and I use it a number of different ways. One of them is for creating gradients and combining them together. This creates some interesting (shirt) textures such as this from random numbers:

This process is remarkably slow unless I open Character Creator by Reallusion. I don’t have any CUDA code in my apps because I do not know how, but when I open CC, what takes 3 minutes usually speeds up to 30 milliseconds (instant). Something in CC fires off GPU code and my app goes into super computer mode (I have an RTX 3090).

What I would like to know is can I simulate this? Is there a C# way to just say ‘Activate GPU’ ?

It’s the most unbelievable performance difference I have ever seen.

I can’t tell people for a free app you have to open and close CC to get best performance.

Thanks for any tips as to how this happens.

I think I figured this out. It is not launching CC that makes it so fast, it is not updating the screen. If I minimize the window and come back the app speeds way up. It appears creating the image is not the slow part, but drawing it. I may change my code to not update until finished.

Sorry to post. I thought it was some voodoo CC was unlocking.