C Runtime lib inconsistencies - What solution ?

Hi everyone,

I was wondering how you guys manage inconsistency between C Runtime libs (Libcmt and msvcrt) when compiling a program with PhysX.
My software is compiled using /MD option (dll multithread)
But some of the physX libs are linked against Mulithreaded static C-Runtime (/MT)
Does it mean we are forced to compile with this option (and so I have to change all my solution, which is huge and recompile everything ?..)
Or worst, do I have to buy a special license from NVidia just to be able to recompile with the Dll multithread option ?..

Thanks for your advices.

I’ve spent some hours reconfiguring and recompiling all my projects with static Multithreaded option.
This seems to be the only choice …
I don’t understand why NVidia only releases static versions of their library …