C1060 + GTX 295 (Evea) doesn't work

According to directions, uninstall graphics drivers, put in C1060, load C1060 software drivers.

Installed my C1060, but the C1060 software package doesn’t recognize the GTX 295 at all, so I don’t get any video (black screen when booting, permanently)

On the other hand, if I go into safe mode and install the EVEA software for the GTX 295, it decides I have 2 GTX 295 cards rather than a 295 and a T1060.

A name is a name, and I can run device query and figure out which device is the Tesla based on the memory and speed, but I don’t know if I’ll get max performance out of the card if it’s seen as a GTX 295 card.

In the meantime I put my GT 8800 back in, which the Tesla package can recognize. But I’d like to have the other card. Anyone have a similar problem or care to suggest something, please feel free.