C2050 "available now"

According to:


Tesla C2050 is “available now.” Does this mean shipping? If not, when?


The page has a button “buy now”, and under it it says “Tesla C2070 will be available in Q3 2010”. My guess is that this is quite close.

The C2070 will be available “Q3,” but the C2050 is supposedly “available now.” As this was on NVidia’s own site I wondered if there was some official word on when they will ship.

I’m waiting on a C2050 as I got the C1060 during the Fermi promo - will let u know when it arrives!

Edit: 2050, not 2070. I’ve just been told it will ship on the 14th of April :)

Sorry, my bad. Thanks for pointing this out!

I’m pretty disappointed with the specs though. The only difference between the C2050 and C2070 seems to be the amount of memory. Does that mean it will take Nvidia until Q3 until they can fit 6GB into the thermal envelope?

No, the C2070 runs a bit faster too. Overall though, the specs are closer to the GTX 470 than the 480 (of course with Double Precision, ECC, etc too).

Well, the specs used to say the C2070 would be a bit faster. Not anymore though? The info here:


is from Nov 2009, and so is probably out of date.

The info seems to be so out of date that Nvidia just removed it. :)

They have to wait until this summer when the density of GDDR5 memory doubles again. That is when the board can move from 3G to 6G.