c2075 fan power specs

I noticed the specs for the fan pin connector in Tesla c2075 is 12 v, and 2 amp. The power of the fan at its maximum is 24 watts. This is a significant number. I know this is the maximum power the fan can use. Does the fan really use a lot of power – near 20 watts if running at 100%?

If I still had a Tesla C2070, I’d try it for you. My UPS at home has a watt readout. I’ll test on my GTX Titan when I get home tonight and change the fan in software and post back what the power usage is, assuming it’s significant/detectable.

That will be great! Thanks a lot!

At least with the GTX Titan, my UPS doesn’t seem to detect any difference in watts used whether the fan is at 30% of 85%. I don’t have anything more precise like a kill-a-watt to measure, though.