Cable to connect to TX2 J10 to bring out UART7 on the SPE (D5 and D8)

I’m trying to find the exact cable to connect to the J10. The J10 part is a Samtec QSH-30-01-L-D-A-TR ?? What is the matching (ribbon?) cable to connect to it so I can connect my serial cables?


J10 on the NX dev kit is an M.2 Key E connector. I suppose you could find some sort of Key E breakout board, or make one with nothing more than a cable attached, but I’ve not seen one. This socket was never intended for a ribbon cable…it was intended to use a miniature form factor circuit board.

Thanks. Don’t really care which cable to use, I just trying to narrow down which one to order. My fear is trying a dozen cables and wasting time in getting the right one. Hoped, someone here could post details on which cable they used for the J10 on the TX2.

Thanks for the Wiki link, but there’s no cabling mentions in the wiki.


…that is because it is not a cable connector. It is an M.2 circuit board, key E. When I say “breakout” I mean that perhaps someone has a circuit board which has a cable on it, rather than a specific device. This is similar to asking for a cable for the PCIe x16 slot, but miniature.